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Priya Singh's questions

  • Priya Singh
    288 days ago
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    I run MIRA on my dataset and got the following error. I have /tmp directory mounted on non-NFS protocol. I wanted to use it for temporary location. How to do that? Sorry, M new to MIRA.


    It looks like the directory MIRA uses for temporary files
    is on a NFS (Network File System) mount. This will slow down MIRA *considerably*
    ... by about a factor of 10!

    If you don't want that, you have three possibilities:

    1) RECOMMENDED! Use -DI:trt to redirect the tmp directory somewhere else on a
    local disk or even SSD.
    2) ALSO POSSIBLE: put the whole project somewhere else on your file system.
    3) ABSOLUTELY NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL: use "-NW:cnfs=warn" to tell MIRA not
    to stop when it finds the tmp directory on NFS.

    If you do not know what NFS is and which directory to use in "-DI:trt", ask
    your local system administrator to guide you.

  • Priya Singh
    591 days ago
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    Hi There, 

    I recently came across a new term "phasing". What does it mean? I only know it means "genes separated by chromosome" only, can anyone please explain it for me.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Priya Singh
    699 days ago
    Questions (2)

    Is there any easiest known way to extract organism's chromosome length?