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Question: Question: What type of work available in Bioinformatics?

Madhvan Reddy
1585 days ago

Question: What type of work available in Bioinformatics?

Hi All,

I am new to bioinformatics, recently dived into it. I would like to know which type of works, bioinformatics knowledge gonna offer me in near future.  


There is no such thing as a typical career path in this field. Bioinformaticians need to perform two critical roles: develop IT tools embodying novel algorithms and analytical techniques, and apply existing tools to achieve new insights into molecular biology. However, you must remember that although powerful and highly specialised in itself, bioinformatics is only a part of biotechnology. Getting a DNA sequence coding for a new protein does not automatically make it useful. Unless this information is converted into useful processes and products, it serves no purpose. You can not, for instance, have a virtual drug or a virtual vaccine. We need real products. And we need to develop our own new molecules (particularly if we have to survive in the new IPR regime).


I read this paper titled "Rise and Demise of Bioinformatics? Promise and Progress" which explain the bad and declining phase of bioinformatics. It scare me :(