Swapnil Bhalke

M.Tech Biotechnology student from Institute of Bioinformatics and Biotechnology,University of Pune

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Question: Question: How to search for small peptide (hexapeptide) sequence ?

Swapnil Bhalke
957 days ago

Question: How to search for small peptide (hexapeptide) sequence ?

How to search for small peptide (hexapeptide) sequence which are modified by single D-amino acid replacement from parent peptide sequence? Which database or tool is available to find available sequence similarity??

The parent peptide sequence is a part of human protein with all six L-amino acid but we slightly modified sequence by replacing it with different D-amino acid to check change in activity and structural change.While we are unable to search sequence similarity for modified peptide sequence? Please let us know related database or tools to search for such sequence.


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