Computational Proteomics : Lets remember the basics

I spend some of my valuable time in computational drug designing sector. I remember my initial proteomics days, playing with interactive protein visualization software and dreaming big. Fortunately or unfortunately, I switched to genomics and handling the genomic floods in Petabytes which is expected to be in Brontobytes in coming years. Did I mention Brontobytes ??? Let me call to my server personnel … it gonna tsunami !!!!!

Today, refreshing my old memories I decided to blog about the basic knowledge of biochemistry and computational proteomics skills, but after I found several article on internet saying exactly what I had wanted to say I thought I might as well just redirect BOL's blog readers there instead:

Here is the list of website and videos links which provide a good resource for you basic chemistry need:

This blog have some specific hindi word to remember entire periodic table. I really like

Group 14 (C Si Ge Sn Pb) -> Sentence “Chemistry SiGiveSanki Problems”

Sanki is a hindi word which mean crazy :P

I found this link useful as well

The eagle genomics group provide an element of bioinformatics in periodic tables. Yes you got it, this is not periodic table rather bioinformatics tools with periodicals

You can also try this video links, which provide you an overview with tricks on periodic tables:

For drug design educational material, software, tools, databses, viewer, file format and many more stuff at one place I highly recommend you all computational drug designer to bookmark this page for future studies as well.

I just remember one of my mini project in which I use my flash knowledge (flash .. oh ya flash) to explain amino acids in interactive and user friendly manner. I can’t provide It right now, but promise you to provide a link in near future. I hope that you will enjoy my flashy creative skills :).

Moreover, I found some of very interesting tricks to remember all amino acids chemical formulae on youtube at

Key points for computer added drug designers?
1. A shortage of biochemistry skills means that you absolutely nowhere in understanding the key concept and do research.
2. Keep handy with complex mathematical formula, before merely running tools or software.
3. Dig it better and deeper guys .. design it.