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The 5 reasons to mistakes at bioinformatics work !!!

When you're just starting out with biological programming, it's easy to run into complex problems that make you wonder how anyone has ever managed to write a program. There are some problems that trip up nearly every bioinformatician--everything from getting started understanding the biological problems to dealing with program design. Some random mistakes are so prominent that even experienced biological programmers do it. The 8 years in bioinformatics and my few random observations, most of them are snarky. These reasons will always take longer than expected and compel you to postpone your project deadline.

1.Stupid for biologist: Biology is so complex that it will make bioinformatician feel stupid. There are no any universal fixed rules; it can surprise you any time. So be nice to biologists who ask questions and resolve your biological puzzles. Sometime you will have no idea what the hell you were doing either.

2.Puzzling why: Do not hesitate to ask question. Especially. at the beginning of project you will have to ask a lot of questions. Instead of puzzling it out at end check out and clear your doubt even for a single error. It may can leads to wrong conclusion.

3.Running marathon: The most of the biological software’s documentation is always incomplete. In other word they are no more than 95 percent complete. Sometime a single problem can halt your entire project for months. Compilation and running the pipelines in tedious because almost all are interdependent and need proper configuration. I face the same kind of problem with Evolver :( …

4.Folders missing: The pipelines generate lots of data, and we keep them in several folders for future use. But sometime we delete them by mistake and move to recovery…

5.Digging deeper: Digging deeper is fruitful, but some time it can be catastrophic. You may get frustrated or direction less. So keep a biologist with you for rescue …. Sometime an expert computer programmer to handle your server. Remember, the server will always go down when you need it the most.

The most common frustrating  common line: Why do we do this again?