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Important Journals, Blogs and Forums for Bioinformaticians

Journals. Most journals have RSS feeds for their current updates.

Blogs. Some of these blogs are very relevant to bioinfo jobs. Others are more personal interest.

  • Variance Explained: David Robinson’s blog (Data Scientist at Stack Overflow, works in R and Python).
  • Global Biodefense: News on pathogens, outbreaks, and preparedness, with periodic posts on genomics and bioinformatics-related developments and funding opportunities.
  • In between lines of code: Lex Nederbragt’s blog on biology, sequencing, bioinformatics, …
  • Simply Statistics: A statistics blog by Rafa Irizarry, Roger Peng, and Jeff Leek.
  • Bits of DNA: Reviews and commentary on computational biology by Lior Pachter (fair warning: dialogue here can get a bit heated!).
  • Blue Collar Bioinformatics: articles related tool validation and the open source bioinformatics community.
  • Microbiome Digest – Bik’s Picks: A daily digest of scientific microbiome papers, by Elisabeth Bik, Science Editor at uBiome.
  • Living in an Ivory Basement: Titus Brown’s blog on metagenomics, open science, testing, reproducibility, and programming.
  • Enseqlopedia: James Hadfield’s blog on all things NGS.
  • Epistasis Blog: Jason Moore’s computational biology blog.
  • RStudio Blog: announcements about new RStudio functionality, updates about the tidyverse, and more.
  • nextgenseek.com: Next-Gen Sequencing Blog covering new developments in NGS data & analysis.
  • RNA-Seq Blog: Transcriptome Research & Industry News.
  • The Allium: We all need a little humor in our lives. Like The Onion, but for science.