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_A5-miseq_ is a pipeline for assembling DNA sequence data generated on the Illumina sequencing platform. This README will take you through the steps necessary for running _A5-miseq_.

Point to note:

There are many situations where A5-miseq is not the right tool for the job. In order to produce accurate results, A5-miseq requires Illumina data with certain characteristics. A5-miseq will likely not work well with Illumina reads shorter than around 80nt, or reads where the base qualities are low in all or most reads before 60nt. A5-miseq assumes it is assembling homozygous haploid genomes. Use a different assembler for metagenomes and heterozygous diploid or polyploid organisms. Use a different assembler if a tool like FastQC reports your data quality is dubious. You have been warned! Datasets consisting solely of unpaired reads are not currently supported.