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Recent technological progress has greatly facilitated de novo genome sequencing. However, de novo assemblies consist in many pieces of contiguous sequence (contigs) arranged in thousands of scaffolds instead of small numbers of chromosomes. Confirming and improving the quality of such assemblies is critical for subsequent analysis. 

Visualization and quality assessment of de novo genome assemblies


This software is fully described in the paper:
Riba-Grognuz, Keller, Falquet, Xenarios & Wurm (2011) Visualization and quality assessment of de novo genome assemblies.

In brief, our scripts create Cytoscape files to visualize transcript evidence that suggests adjacency between scaffolds and contigs.

Software requirements

BLAT (tested with Standalone BLAT v. 32×1). Source Binaries .
Cytoscape (tested with versions 2.7.0, 2.8.2)
a UNIX machine (tested on Mac OS X 10.6 and CentOS 4.6)