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MEME suite


Motif based sequence analysis suits 

The MEME Suite allows the biologist to discover novel motifs in collections of unaligned nucleotide or protein sequences, and to perform a wide variety of other motif-based analyses.

The MEME Suite supports motif-based analysis of DNA, RNA and protein sequences. It provides motif discovery algorithms using both probabilistic (MEME) and discrete models (MEME), which have complementary strengths. It also allows discovery of motifs with arbitrary insertions and deletions (GLAM2). In addition to motif discovery, the MEME Suite provides tools for scanning sequences for matches to motifs (FIMO, MAST and GLAM2Scan), scanning for clusters of motifs (MCAST), comparing motifs to known motifs (Tomtom), finding preferred spacings between motifs (SpaMo), predicting the biological roles of motifs (GOMo), measuring the positional enrichment of sequences for known motifs (CentriMo), and analyzing ChIP-seq and other large datasets (MEME-ChIP).

The MEME Suite is comprised of a collection of tools that work together, as shown below. Not all the tools are available as webservices, so to get the full power of the MEME Suite you will need to download and install a local copy of the software. To see what has changed recently you can peruse the release notes.