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  • LoRDEC: a hybrid error correction program for long, PacBio reads

LoRDEC: a hybrid error correction program for long, PacBio reads


LoRDEC is a program to correct sequencing errors in long reads from 3rd generation sequencing with high error rate, and is especially intended for PacBio reads. It uses a hybrid strategy, meaning that it uses two sets of reads: the reference read set, whose error rate is assumed to be small, and the PacBio read set, which is then corrected using the reference set. Typically, the reference set contains Illumina reads.

Usually, errors in PacBio reads include many insertions and deletions, and comparatively less substitutions. LoRDEC can correct errors of all these types.
After correction, a larger portion of the sequence of PacBio reads is usable for detection of region of similarity with other sequences, for aligning them to the contigs of an assembly, etc.

Why is LoRDEC different?

  • It is efficient and can process large read data sets, included from eukaryotic or vertebrate species, on a usual computing server, and even works on desktop/laptop computers.
  • It adopts a novel graph based approach: it builds a succinct De Bruijn Graph (DBG) representing the short reads, and seeks a corrective sequence for each erroneous region of a long read by traversing chosen paths in the graph.