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Lifemap is an interactive tool to explore the WHOLE NCBI TAXONOMY. The concept used in Lifemap is similar to the one used in cartography with tools like Google Maps© or Open Street Maps: exploring is done by zooming and panning.

 The current tree contains ALL species present in NCBI taxonomy as of October 18th, 2016: 1,135,169 species including 10,545 Archaea, 418,777 Bacteria and 705,847 Eukaryotes. The Lifemap tree is updated every two weeks.

 All the nodes in the tree are clickable. This displays various information and options:

  • The species name (and the associated common name if there is one)
  • The rank (kingdom, family, class, species...)
  • Ability to go to the corresponding node/species on NCBI web site (displayed in a new window)
  • Possibility to download the corresponding subtree in newick extended format
  • Possibilty to get the whole lineage from the current node/tip to the root of the tree.