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Rectangle Graph for Repeat Resolution in Genome Assembly


Ultimate tool for resolving repeats in genome assemblies.

Though the specific implementation of the idea of the rectangle graph approach is already included into the current SPAdes distribution, we're also releasing the Rectangle Graph Module (RGM) as the separate code which can be run independently of SPAdes. Although RGM differs from the current implementation of the rectangle graph approach in SPAdes, in the future we plan to integrate RGM in SPAdes. RGM can be run with other genome assemblers if they use the graph format as SPAdes files.

For more details see: Nikolay Vyahhi, Son K. Pham, Pavel Pevzner. From de Bruijn Graphs to Rectangle Graphs for Genome AssemblyLecture Notes in Bioinformatics 7534 (2012), pp. 249-261.