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India's own first drug - from Biocon.

Psoriasis is immune-mediated disease that effects the skin. the Disease on an average affects about 10-20 million Indians and it attacks the immune system of human beings. In generally occurs, when the immune system mistakes a normal skin cell for a pathogen, and sends out faulty signals that cause overproduction of new skin cells. More at >>

Biocon, India's largest publicly-held biotechnology firm, launched its second novel 'lab-to-market' molecule, Alzumab, to treat chronic plaque psoriasis at a cost 50 per cent lower than the existing one.

Biocon is bringing Alzumab (a biologic) in the form of a vial after working on it for nearly a decade. The work had initially started in a joint effort with the Center of Molecular Immunology, Havana, but Biocon took control of the programme soon after and also bought out its partner a few years ago. Biocon tell to the media that genotypic played a critical role in functional studies and clinical trial Genomics.

The Biocon drug, at around ₹ 7,500 a vial, will cost half as much as the currently available drugs - from Pfizer and J&J - to treat psoriasis, a skin disease that causes rough red areas where the skin comes off in small pieces. A patient is usually prescribed to consume more than 40 vials in a 24-week course.