Bioinformatics Jokes !!

Why was the Bioinformatics fired from his job?

A: He was getting too Sassy.


What did the bioinformatician say when he found out his team stopped using version control?

A: Y’all better Git!


Why did the computational biologist stay home from work?

A: He had a code!


Why was the bioinformatician's paper was rejected?

A: Journal thought it seemed scripted.


How can you tell that a Bioinformatics is working?

A: You can hear him Grunting!


Why bioinformatician always silence?

A: Because bioinformatician calmly whisper, “SSH”


Why was the bioinformatician always so sleepy?

A: He/She wasn’t given any Java.


Why did the program/software hanged?

A: Because genome float.


Why was the class upset that its parent died?

A: Because it wouldn’t be getting the inheritance!


Why did bioinformatician always works on the command line?

A: Because they don't want to scare you with huge amount of data!


Why did the bioinformatician attend the gay pride parade?

A: They supported polymorphism.


Why did bioinformatician prefer awk, PerlOneliner?

A: Because even computer can't handle to load the data.


Why don’t bioinformatician get along with others?

A: They’re too MEAN.


Why computational biologist are cool?

A: Because they are scripted!!


Why they talk $ unzip; strip; touch; finger; grep; mount; fsck; more; yes; fsck; fsck; umount; clean; sleep;

A: Ah, Ohhh, dude, these are *NIX commands


Did they really hack genome?

A: Yes, I guess so.