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Owner: Rahul Agarwal

Group members: 7


Metabolomics is the comprehensive and quantitative analysis of multiple metabolites in biological samples

Metabolome is the complete set of small-molecule metabolites found within a single biological

Targeted metabolomics aims to quantify a set of predefined metabolites in a sample. 

Untargeted (sometimes termed ‘global’) metabolomics aims to  quantitatively measure the levels of all metabolites. 

Metabolomics Biomarkers may be useful for four main purposes:

1) controlled trials
2) dietary intakes in observational studies
3) explaining the biological effects of the diet
4) characterizing a specific genotype or  phenotype

Pipeline of Metabolomics study:

Alignment tools for this include:
XCMS (R code script), and  Metalign

Metabolomics databases for searching the potential candidates biomarkers:
- hmdb-
- metlin -
- Metfusion:
- Chemspider-



Brief description: Investigation of your usual and unusual diets via metabolomics biomarker