Interactive Market Intelligence

BioInformatics LLC, a premier research and advisory firm serving the life science industry, has launched groundbreaking, dynamic-data presentation platform, Interactive Market Intelligence— the only cloud-based market research analytics tool for the life science tools industry.

Superior to traditional PDF and PowerPoint reports, Interactive Market Intelligence allows end-users to filter, create and export literally thousands of views of data — all easily obtainable from a set of core metrics that include market, brand, customer and workflow analytics in well-defined segments of the life science market.

The Market for Real-Time PCR is the first in a series of topics to be explored using the Interactive Market Intelligence platform. The primary research analysis is based on a survey of 900+ international scientists performing qPCR in their laboratories.

Key data findings from "The Market for Real-Time PCR": Global market for qPCR in 2015 is estimated to be $3.6B; The average growth in qPCR throughput is expected to be at 9.8% in 2015; 22% of respondents are highly likely to switch primary suppliers of qPCR products; 50% of respondents use pre-designed primer/probe sets.