Genome Workbench 2.10.7

Genome Workbench 2.10.7 is here! New features include added support for local custom BLAST databases and improvements to Tree View.

For the full list of features, improvements and fixes, see the release notes:

New Features

  • BLAST Tool: added support for local custom BLAST databases
  • Graphical Sequence View: added log scaling option for graph tracks
  • Generic Table View: new tutorial added

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Project Tree View: Genomic Collections/Assemblies now show accessions, not just names
  • Tree View: layout updated to better accommodate nodes of different sizes
  • Table Import Dialog (MacOS): fixed issue with table visibility
  • Fixed bug where different molecules IDs in GenBank could resolve to the same sequence
  • Graphical Sequence View: fixed issue where sequence track was not shown for some sequences
  • Graphical Sequence View: fixed protein coloration methods
  • Graphical Sequence View: improved rendering of Markers to better indicate boundaries and produce higher quality PDF images
  • Create Gene Model tool: fixed scenario when gene model tool failed with local sequences
  • Search View: ORF Finder – fixed incorrect protein lengths
  • Fixed bug with not opening project file (.gbp) on a click
  • Fixed issues in GVF import
  • Fixed BLAST Search tool against NCBI databases not working
  • Fixed tblastn (protein BLAST) not working in standalone mode
  • Fixed GTF export failure