BEReX : Biomedical Entity-Relation eXplorer

BEReX is a new biomedical knowledge integration, search, and exploration tool. BEReX integrates eight popular databases (STRING, DrugBank, KEGG, PharmGKB, BioGRID, GO, HPRD, and MSigDB) and delineates an integrated network by combining the information available from these databases. Users search the integrated network by entering keywords and BEReX returns a sub-network matching the keywords. The resulting graph can be explored interactively. BEReX allows users to find the shortest paths between two remote nodes; find the most relevant drugs, diseases, pathways and so on, related to the current network; expand the network by particular types of entities and relations; and modify the network by removing or adding selected nodes. BEReX is implemented as a stand-alone Java application.

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