Oxford Nanopore is seeking a motivated, talented Data Analyst / Programmer to join our data analysis team.
They are looking for people good in C++, math and biological signal processing to further develop their data analysis software.

Data Analyst / Scientific Programmer https://www.nanoporetech.com/careers/job-centre/view/148

Senior Data Analyst / Scientific Programmer https://www.nanoporetech.com/careers/job-centre/view/152

Key requirements:
• A 1st class (or equivalent) degree in a Mathematical, Computational or Physical Science followed by a PhD or other relevant further qualification
• Significant practical experience of handling and analysing large scientific datasets
• Practical working knowledge of C++ and experience with scripting languages (e.g. Perl/Python) preferably in a Linux environment
• Industrial or postdoctoral experience demonstrating independent working in a time-critical environment.

• Good knowledge of mathematical statistics
• Experience of working in multi-disciplinary teams
• Experience of signal processing and/or physical interpretation of biological signals
• Experience with practical applications of machine learning techniques

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