Abstract submissions for our upcoming symposium on the Genomics of Adaptation that will take place as part of the 16th Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB). The conference will take place from August 20th - August 25th, 2017 in Groningen, the Netherlands.

SYMPOSIUM DESCRIPTION: Genomics of Adaptation [S16] Model organisms for life-history research are mainly studied in the lab where functional genetics is assessable. In general, however, knowledge about their eco-evolutionary dynamics, such as biotic interactions, is rare. By contrast, in organisms for which the ecology and adaptation strategies in the field are well known, we typically lack the appropriate genetic tools to investigate functionality. Advances in genomics and statistics as well as investments in evolutionary model organisms are now providing access to putatively adaptive genome-wide variation within species from across the tree of life. In this symposium, we focus on integrating life-history biology, genetics and evolutionary ecology in the genomics era.

We wish to (1) highlight the role of genetic architecture of complex traits, such as adaptations to biotic interactions or life-history traits; (2) contrast this to morphological traits which are generally thought to have a less complex genetic architecture; and (3) discuss the opportunities and drawbacks of specific model systems.

INVITED SPEAKERS: Josephine Pemberton, University of Cambridge (http://bit.ly/2hJWytJ ) Peter Tiffin, University of Minnesota (http://bit.ly/2hK7HuS )

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION The deadline for abstract submission is January 10, 2017. For more information and to submit abstracts online, please visit: http://bit.ly/2fBXlvN We look forward to an exciting symposium and seeing you all in Groningen! Sincerely, Ben Blackman, UC Berkeley Maaike de Jong, University of Bristol Bart Pannebakker, Wageningen University Noah Whiteman, UC Berkeley Jelle Zandveld, Wageningen University

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