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Open Positions in Pasini’s lab

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By Marysia 315 days ago

Computational Biologists
Open to PhD-student and Post-doc candidates
We are looking for wet and computational biologists to work on an ERC funded project in our
laboratory located at the Department of Experimental Oncology of the European Institute of
Oncology in Milan (Italy). The project will focus on different aspects of the function of Polycomb
Group proteins and other chromatin modifying activities in relation to their role in regulating cellular
identity in the development of adult tissues.
The candidates will be in charge of computational analysis and data management related to the
project. She/he will directly interact with the wet scientists working in our laboratory while working
embedded in the community of computational biologists present at our institution. The work will
involve the analysis of sequencing data produced with cutting edge technologies to study gene
expression and chromatin environment including data produced on rare cell populations and single
cells. The applicants must have a good knowledge of programming in python/perl/java along with
strong statistical background and performing analysis in R platform. A biological background is
also recommended however it’s not mandatory for application.
Each applicant should submit a full CV (with a detailed description of her/his background,
expertise, achievements and publication records) together with a letter of intent and at least two
contacts for recommendations (for a post-doc position). Competitive salary will be offered based
on the experience of the candidate. Non Italian as well as Italian applicants that have been working
outside Italy (>3yrs.) will have the opportunity to benefit of a full tax deduction for the first three
years of contract.
Applications should be submitted as single PDF to diego.pasini@ieo.it

Lab https://www.ieo.it/en/RESEARCH/People/Researchers/Pasini-Diego/

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