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EMBO | EuropaBio Fellowships

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By sahabuddin 30 days ago

The EMBO | EuropaBio Fellowships support research visits to another laboratory in the research areas of Systems Biology and Genomic & Computational Biology.

EMBO partnered with the European Association for Bioindustries (EuropaBio) to offer four EMBO | EuropaBio Fellowships that fund exchanges between laboratories in eligible countries lasting between one week (7 days) and six months (180 days).

EuropaBio, represents 79 corporate and associate members and bio-regions, and 17 national biotechnology associations, and promotes an innovative and dynamic European biotechnology industry. It is committed to the socially responsible use of biotechnology to improve quality of life, to prevent, diagnose, treat and cure diseases, to improve the quality and quantity of food and feedstuffs and to move towards a biobased and zero-waste economy.

As part of the collaboration, EuropaBio provided funds for four fellowships of up to twice the duration of EMBO Short-Term Fellowships. These fellowships will only be available for application during 2017 for research visits during 2018.
The goal of the EMBO | EuropaBio Fellowships is to facilitate valuable collaborations with research groups applying techniques that are unavailable in the applicant's laboratory. The EMBO | EuropaBio Fellowships are not awarded for exchanges between two laboratories within the same country. The EMBO | EuropaBio Fellowships are intended for joint research work rather than consultations. The fellowships contribute towards travel plus subsistence of the fellow only and not of dependents.

Applications are open until 31 December 2017 only.

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