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Linux for bioinformatician !!!: Revision

Linux, free operating system for computers, provides several powerful admin tools and utilities which will help you to manage your systems effectively and handle huge amount of genomic/biological data with an ease. The field of bioinformatics relies heavily on Linux-based computers and software. Although most bioinformatics programs can be compiled to run. If you don’t know what these no so user-friendly tools are and how to use them, you could be spending lot of time trying to perform even the basic admin tasks. The focus of this linux series is to help you understand system admin as well as basic tools, which will help you to become an effective bioinformatician and computational biologist.

For knowledge about Linux and their importance amongst bioinformatician plesae read this article "An introduction to Linux for bioinformatics" by Paul Stothard.

Linux cheat sheet at http://bioinformaticsonline.com/file/view/87/linux-cheat-sheet

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