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RNAseq data analysis links !: Revision

RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq) has a wide variety of applications, but no single analysis pipeline can be used in all cases. We review all of the major steps in RNA-seq data analysis, including experimental design, quality control, read alignment, quantification of gene and transcript levels, visualization, differential gene expression, alternative splicing, functional analysis, gene fusion detection and eQTL mapping.

A survey of best practices for RNA-seq data analysis

RNA-seq workflow: gene-level exploratory analysis and DE

RNAseq analysis notes from Tommy Tang

Analysis of RNA ‐ Seq Data

RNA-seq analysis is easy as 1-2-3 with limma, Glimma and edgeR

Differential gene and transcript expression analysis of RNA-seq experiments with TopHat and Cufflinks.

EBI RNA-Seq exercise

An open RNA-Seq data analysis pipeline tutorial with an example

RNA-Seq Analysis Workflow

Transcript-level expression analysis of RNA-seq experiments