Pathway Analysis

Pathway Analysis is usually performed with aim to enrich the genes with their functional information and reveal the underlying biological mechanisms pursue by genes. Pathway Analysis is not only limited to what biological pathways a particular set of expressed genes follow but also to disclose the relationships between these genes. With availability of more genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics data, interactions between genes involve in multiple pathways become more clear and also relationships between the genes, their transcripts, and their gene products. However, existing tools and dbs mainly based on knowledge driven approach in which pathways will be identified by finding the correlation between the information in one of the pathway knowledge databases (KEGG,Reactome,Panther,BioCarta, Panther,GO,NCI,WikiPathways,etc) and gene expression result for a specific conditions for instance tumor, obesity , cold resistant crops/plants, etc.

Introductory Articles/ppt/sources:

Impotant Database and Tools:

GeneMANIA, Cytoscape, IPA and Metacore (Commerical ), Pathway Commons, Reactome ,Panther, BioCyc, WikiPathways, Pathvisio, KEGG, NCI, Stringdb, Amigo, WebGestalt ,ConsensusPathDB ,GSEA,Blast2go

Popular R based tools:

Reactome.db, ReactomePA, ClusterProfiler, Gage, SPIA, topGO, Pathview,DOSE,GOStat