Frequent words problem solution by Perl

Solved with perl

#Find the most frequent k-mers in a string.
#Given: A DNA string Text and an integer k.
#Return: All most frequent k-mers in Text (in any order).

use strict;
use warnings;

my $kmer=4;
my %myHash;
my $max=0;

for (my $aa=0; $aa<=(length($string)-4); $aa++) {
    my $myStr=substr  $string, $aa,$kmer;
    #print "$myStr\n";
    my $km=kmerMatch ($string, $myStr, $kmer);
    if ($km > $max) { $max = $km;}
    #print "$km\t$myStr\n";

#Print all key which have matching values
foreach my $name (keys %myHash){
    print "$name " if $myHash{$name} == $max;

sub kmerMatch { #Check the exact matching kmers with sliding window
my ($string, $myStr, $kmer)=@_;
my $count=0;
for (my $aa=0; $aa<=(length($string)-4); $aa++) {
    my $myWin=substr  $string, $aa,$kmer;
    if ($myWin eq $myStr) {
        #print "$myWin eq $myStr\n";
return $count;