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  • Tool: Gene Set Clustering based on Functional annotation (GeneSCF)

Tool: Gene Set Clustering based on Functional annotation (GeneSCF)





Gene Set Clustering based on Functional annotation


GeneSCF serves as command line tool for clustering the list of genes given by the users based on functional annotation (Gene Ontology, KEGG, REACTOME and NCG 4.0). It requires gene list in the form of Entrez Gene ID (UIDs) or Official gene symbols as a input. GeneSCF supports more organisms from V1.1. Examples to download database as simple text file using GeneSCF "prepare_database" module, 1) https://www.biostars.org/p/197414/#197416 , 2) https://www.biostars.org/p/191532/#191540


The advantage of using GeneSCF over other enrichment tools is that, it performs enrichment analysis in real-time (v1.1 and above) by accessing source databases. With command-line versions of tools, as you know you can run multiple gene list simultaneously.




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GeneSCF only works on Linux system, it has been successfully tested on Ubuntu, Mint and Cent OS. Other distributions of Linux might work as well.





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