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Converting BLAST output into CSV

Suppose we wanted to do something with all this BLAST output. Generally, that’s the case - you want to retrieve all matches, or do a reciprocal BLAST, or something.

As with most programs that run on UNIX, the text output is in some specific format. If the program is popular enough, there will be one or more parsers written for that format – these are just utilities written to help you retrieve whatever information you are interested in from the output.

Let’s conclude this tutorial by converting the BLAST output in out.txt into a spreadsheet format, using a Python script. 

First, we need to get the script. We’ll do that using the ‘git’ program:

git clone https://github.com/ngs-docs/ngs-scripts.git /root/ngs-scripts

We’ll discuss ‘git’ more later; for now, just think of it as a way to get ahold of a particular set of files. In this case, we’ve placed the files in /root/ngs-scripts/, and you’re looking to run the script blast/blast-to-csv.py using Python:

python /root/ngs-scripts/blast/blast-to-csv.py out.txt

This outputs a spread-sheet like list of names and e-values. To save this to a file, do:

python /root/ngs-scripts/blast/blast-to-csv.py out.txt > ~out.csv

If you have Excel installed, try double clicking on it.