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Which Bioinformatics Journals Do You Follow?

Which are your favorite bioinformatics journals? The ones that you check every month or so, or that you are subscribed to?

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Total number of votes: 18


  • Tenzin Paul 1050 days ago

    These are several journals I follow. One can see that Nature journal cover a very large spectra of audiences. Apart from that, I do like browsing

    • Bioinformatics
    • BMC Bioinformatics
    • BMC Genomics
    • BMC Systems Biology
    • Cancer Research
    • Genome Biology
    • Genome Research


  • Rahul Agarwal 1049 days ago

    there are other interesting journals:

    Nucleic Acid Research

    PLOS Computational Biology

    Nature methods


    Genome Annoucement

    Molecular Biology and Evolution

    Briefings in Bioinformatics

  • Jit 280 days ago

    GigaScience; Impact factor 7.4