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    Hejnol Group

    Category: researchlabs:Bioinformatics
    PI: Andreas Hejnol
    By Jit 3 days ago
    The group studies a broad range of animal taxa using morphological and molecular tools to unravel the evolution and development of animal organ systems. To understand the evolution of the biodiversity seen on planet earth is one of the major...
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    The Brent Lab

    Category: researchlabs:Bioinformatics
    PI: Michael Brent
    By Jit 16 days ago
    The Brent Lab is developing and applying computational methods for mapping gene regulation networks, modeling them quantitatively, and engineering new behaviors into them.
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    Eugene V. Koonin Lab

    Category: researchlabs:Bioinformatics
    PI: Eugene V. Koonin
    By Jit 47 days ago
    Interested in understanding the evolution of life. To obtain glimpses of such understanding, we employ existing and new methods of computational biology to perform research in several major...
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    Category: researchlabs:Bioinformatics
    PI: Jay Shendure
    By Rahul Nayak 59 days ago
    The mission of our lab is to develop and apply new technologies and methods for genetics, genomics and molecular biology. Most of our work exploits next-generation DNA sequencing which is effectively emerging as a broadly enabling microscope for the...
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    Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Jeanette Erdmann's Lab

    Category: researchlabs:Bioinformatics
    PI: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Jeanette Erdmann
    By Rahul Agarwal 70 days ago
    Her prestigious lab working on Integrative and Experimental genomics to understand the underlying mechanism thats able to define an inherited predisposition of coronary artery disease (CAD) and myocardial infarction (MI) via GWAS, different...