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By Jit 1605 days ago

In a lot of my work in bioinformatics, I have been using hidden Markov models (HMMs). As a postdoc with David Haussler at UCSC we developed the so-called profile HMMs (refs). Since then I have applied HMMs to membrane proteins (refs) and gene identification (refs) and have worked on methods for such things as discriminative estimation of HMMs (refs) and alternative decoding algorithms etc. (refs).

Now my main interests are in gene regulation, where we work on promoter analysis; non-coding RNA, where miRNAs and structure prediction are the main areas; and protein structure, where the group is working on methods for structure prediction from sequence. To read more about these topics, please see the research pages.

Lab page @ http://wiki.binf.ku.dk/User:Krogh

PI Anders Krogh