Efflux pumps (RND family)

Functioning of efflux systems in Gram-negative bacteria
Determinants of the compound-efflux system interactions
Action of inhibitors on efflux systems
Structural and dynamical features of the efflux systems

Assembly of the TatA system
Study of the dynamical features of the charge zipper

Setup of a kinetic Monte Carlo (KMC) scheme to study the flux of antibiotics through porins and efflux systems
Setup of protocol to integrate MD results in a ligand-based approach

Viral inhibitors
Interactions of selected compounds with RNA-dependent RNA polymerases (RdRps) of HCV and BVDV
Assessment of the role of mutations in RdRps
Antimicrobial peptides

Interactions of antimicrobial peptides with membranes: structure and dynamics
Interactions between antimicrobial peptides in the presence of different membranes
Protein-protein interactions
Effects of mutations

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PI Paolo Ruggerone