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  • Genome Origami

    There are several interesting factoid about our genomes, one of them is their folding. If we stretched out the DNA in a single cell, which is only a few millionths of an inch wide, it would span more than six feet. In other word, the size of six feet DNA fold themself to fit in a few millionths o...

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    1170 days ago

  • ShRec3D

    ShRec3D is a program that aims at reconstructing a genome 3D structure (b) from the sole knowledge of the contacts between different genomic regions (a) as determined by Hi-C ( There are two options to run ShRec3D (on linuX only so far): the first one...

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    1157 days ago

  • How does the 3D genome technology works?

    There are many techniques available to enquire about the oganization of the nucleus. I am keenly interested to know the basic machanism behind it. I mean how does it works?

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    1011 days ago