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  • Compressive Genomics can be used to store them in a much smaller storage space. (Source:e-article from Alex Armstrong)

    1659 days ago


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  • Genome assembly algorithms #NGS #Assembly #Algorithms #Genome #Tools

    1234 days ago

  • Algorithms, Flowchart, Data-type and pseudo code @ #Algo

    1613 days ago

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  • Hoffman Lab

    They develop machine learning techniques to better understand chromatin biology. These models and algorithms transform high-dimensional functional genomics data into interpretable patterns and lead to new biological insight.

    775 days ago

  • Rehmsmeier group

    "Our research focuses on understanding development, gene regulation, and epigenetics on a genome-wide scale, in the context of evolution. This involves the design and application of algorithms, statistics, and experimental approaches."

    1569 days ago

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  • Bioinformatics Algorithms

    Bioinformatics Algorithms

    This group is being designed to cover some of the common algorithms underlying the following fundamental topics in bioinformatics: assembling genomes, comparing DNA and protein sequence...

    1641 days ago

  • BOL Virtual Research Group

    BOL Virtual Research Group

    ...ssociation from array CGH data Probabilistic graphical models Gibbs sampling for motif finding Biclustering algorithms Genome Assembly Developement of new algorithms to speed up the assembly proc...

    1682 days ago


  • Learn computer science online at #Algorithms #Computer #OnlineCourses

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  • Bioinformatics algorithms lecture notes #Bioinformatics #Algorithms

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