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  • FOGSAA: Fast Optimal Global Sequence Alignment Algorithm

    Sequence alignment algorithms are widely used to infer similarirty...tween pair of sequences. FOGSAA is a fast Global alignment algorithm. It is basically a...protein or nucleotide) and results in an optimal alignment faster than conventional dyma...

    39 days ago

  • ACANA: An accurate and consistent alignment tool for DNA sequences

    ACANA is an accurate and consistent alignment tool for DNA sequences. ACANA is speci...mpts to combine the best of local and global alignments algorithms in searching for...ns of sequences in order to achieve the best alignment. ACANA is also robust to the...

    42 days ago

  • AVID: A Global Alignment Program

    A new global alignment method called AVID. The method is...icient, and practical for sequence alignments of large genomic regions the comparison of assemblies to alignment of large syntenic genomic reg...a format for the representation of alignments and methods for their compar...

    238 days ago

  • Mugsy: multiple whole genome alignment tool

    ...nome aligner. Mugsy uses Nucmer for pairwise alignment, a custom graph based segment..., and the segment-based progressive multiple alignment strategy from Seqan::TCoffee....V and Salzberg SL. Mugsy: Fast multiple alignment of closely related whole geno...

    39 days ago

  • Cgaln

    Cgaln (Coarse grained alignment) is a program designed to align a pair of who...a nominal desktop computer. Cgaln performs an alignment job in two steps, at the bloc...nucleotide level. The former "coarse-grained" alignment can explore genomic rearrange...

    329 days ago

  • BIMA V3: an aligner customized for mate pair library sequencing

    ...bnormalities. Unfortunately, the mapping and alignment of mate pair read pairs to a...ging and time consuming process for most NGS alignment programs. Large insert sizes,...eakpoints within reads increases mapping and alignment complexity. We describe an al...

    398 days ago

  • Seal: SEquence ALignment evaluation suite a comprehensive sequencing simulation and alignment tool evaluation suite. This s...veral utilities that can be used to evaluate alignment algorithms, including: Rea...encing error rate, and indel rate. Applying alignment tools to the genome and the r...

    14 days ago

  • CrocoBLAST: Optimized parallel implementation of local sequence alignment algorithms

    Local sequence alignment is a cornerstone of bioinformatics, allowing to compare the amino-acid se..., or the nucleotide sequences of different pieces of DNA. The Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST) has revol...

    176 days ago

  • Comparison of Short Read De Novo Alignment Algorithms

    Excellent article to introduce different sequencing methods along with tools for de novo assembly of sequencing reads and their relevant references. Title: Comparison of Short Read De Novo Alignment Algorithms  Author: Nikhil Gopal

    1610 days ago

  • Alignment of closely related whole genomes/scaffolds

    ...udy of populations, pan-genomes, and genome evolution.This bookmaks have been created to report new tools for whole genome alignments. Please report new whole genome alignment tools under comment sections.

    719 days ago