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  • Mapping NGS

    NGS data are just a bunch of sequences, you have no idea which region in the genome each sequences comes from, which gene it represents...To know that you have to align the sequences to the reference sequence. The reference sequence is in most cases the full genome sequence but sometimes, a libra...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Alignment, NGS, Mapping, Tutorial

    260 days ago

  • A Post-assembly genome-improvement toolkit (PAGIT) to obtain annotated genomes from contigs

    PAGIT addresses the need for software to generate high quality draft genomes. It is based on a series of programs that we developed: ABACAS, that is able to contiguate contigs from a de novo assembly against a closely related reference. IMAGE, an iterative approach for closing gaps in assembled...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Alignment, Assembly, PAGIT, ABACAS, iCRON, RATT, IMAGE

    250 days ago

  • Salzberg lab

    We are a computational biology lab that develops novel methods for analysis of DNA and RNA sequences. Our research includes software for aligning and assembling RNA-seq data, whole-genome assembly, and microbiome analysis. We work closely with biomedical scientists to apply these methods to curre...

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    247 days ago

  • progressiveCactus

    Progressive Cactus is a whole-genome alignment package. Distribution package for the Prgressive Cactus multiple genome aligner. Dependencies are linked as submodules

    Tags: Progressive, Cactus, Whole-genome, Alignment, Package, progressiveCactus

    244 days ago

  • maf2synteny

    A tool for converting for recovering synteny blocks from multiple alignment (in MAF fromat) This tool is a standalone version of Ragout module [http://fenderglass.github./Ragout]

    Tags: Tool, Conversion, Recover, Synteny, Blocks, Multiple, Alignment, MAF, Format, maf2synteny

    244 days ago

  • AVID: A Global Alignment Program

    A new global alignment method called AVID. The method is designed to be fast, memory efficient, and practical for sequence alignments of large genomic regions up to megabases long. We present numerous applications of the method, ranging from the comparison of assemblies to alignment of large synt...

    Tags: AVID, Global, Alignment, Program

    238 days ago

  • Awesome perl frameworks, libraries and software - PART 3

    fujiwara/perl-queue-q4pg-lite - simple message queue using PostgreSQL. formbuilder/formbuilder - Perl CGI::FormBuilder module for generating, validating, and processing HTML forms fastly/fastly-perl - Fastly perl client ewilded/SCARY - PHP Source Code Analyzer written in ...

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    194 days ago

  • Toy example comparing several MSA algorithms #Alignment #MSA #Algorithms

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    161 days ago

  • Understanding alignment #Alignment #Learn

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    71 days ago

  • SIMA C++ Implementation: Simultaneous Multiple Alignment of LC/MS Peak Lists

    This is the c++ implementation for SIMA - Simultaneous Multiple Alignment of LC/MS Peak Lists. The package contains C++ source code as well as two binary files. The latter were tested under various operating systems, including Windows XP SP3 32bit, Windows Vista 32bit, Windows 2008 Server, Window...

    Tags: SIMA, C++, Simultaneous, Multiple, Alignment, LC/MS, Peak, Lists

    54 days ago