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  • BOL

    Brief description: Currently, I'm pursuing a PhD at Bioinformatics Centre, University of Pune, Pune, India. I have developed an algorithm for alignment-free sequence analysis with its applications in molecular phylogeny, clustering and sero/genotyping .

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  • NGS Glossary !!

    ...tie: widely used, open source alignment software for aligning raw seq...Compact Idiosyncratic Gapped Alignment Report. A compact string regarding a read and its alignment. Elements include: whether th...s a sequencer-ready library. Alignment Mapping of sequence reads to...

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  • RNAseq data analysis links !

    ...peline can be used in all cases. We review all of the major steps in RNA-seq data analysis, including experimental design, quality control, read alignment, quantification of gene and t...

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  • Understanding alignment #Alignment #Learn

    71 days ago

  • MAP2: multiple alignment of syntenic genomic sequences #Alignment #Synteny #Sequence

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  • Update Genome Workbench 2.7.15 released

    ...including graphical sequence views, various alignment views, phylogenetic tree view...ures in Genome Workbench 2.7.15 Multiple Alignment View: implemented adaptive fe...ol: improved diagnostics of errors Multiple Alignment View: optimizations to avoid...

    1420 days ago

  • PhylomeDB

    ...through the visualization of phylogenetic trees and multiple sequence alignments. Moreover, phylomeDB provid...nt genomes , including Maximum Likelihood or Bayesian tree inference, alignment trimming and evolutionary mod...

    1619 days ago

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  • Raphael Lab

    ...and evolution, and network analysis of somatic mutations in cancer. Earlier research included topics in comparative genomics, multiple sequence alignment, and motif finding. More a...

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  • Ruby and BioRuby

    Ruby and BioRuby

    ...1990s by Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto in Japan. BioRuby is a package of Open Source Ruby code, with classes for DNA and protein sequence analysis, alignment, database parsing, tools for...

    1620 days ago

  • Metabolomics


    ...: Alignment tools for this include: mz-Mi...

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  • NCBI PSI-BLAST Tutorial Tutorial for PSI-BLAST, an extension of BLAST that uses matrix algebra. BLAST is a cornerstone bioinformatics tool at NCBI. BLAST is the Basic Local Alignment Search tool and will protein and DNA sequences that are related to a sequence that the user provides.

    Tags: PSI Blast, BLAST, NCBI, Alignment, Search, Sequence

    1608 days ago

  • Dynamic Programming Alignment

    lecture 9, Chem. C100, Spring 2013, UCLA

    Tags: Dynamic Programming, Alignment, Bioinformatics, Algorithms

    1609 days ago

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