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  • Mesquite: A modular system for evolutionary analysis

    ...lyze comparative data about organisms. Its emphasis is on phylogenetic analysis, but some of its modules conc...ern population genetics, while others do non-phylogenetic multivariate analysis. Because it is modular, the a...

    31 days ago

  • MEGAN6

    Microbiome analysis using a single application MEGAN6...d in one application. Taxonomic analysis using the NCBI taxonomy or a...taxonomy such as SILVA Functional analysis using InterPro2GO, SEED, eggN...ns of sequencing reads. Blast-like analysis can be performed using DIAMON...

    389 days ago

  • Understanding PacBio

    ...ludes resources for learning more about PacBio data and bioinformatics analysis, and includes content suitabl...Slides Specialized Applications: De Novo Assembly Transcriptome analysis Base Modification Analysis...

    175 days ago

  • GATB : Genome Analysis Toolbox with de-Bruijn graph

    The Genome Analysis Toolbox with de-Bruijn graph (GATB) provides a set of highly efficient algorithms to analyse NGS data sets. These methods enable the analysis of data sets of any size on m...

    477 days ago


    ...nbsp;Reporting (GAEMR) package is an assembly analysis framework composed a number o...ed as a single program to generate a complete analysis report, or executed individua...input format to be entered into GAEMR’s analysis pipeline, hence enabling the...

    430 days ago

  • HiCdat

    HiCdat: a fast and easy-to-use Hi-C data analysis tool HiCdat is easy-to-use and provides solutions starting...reads up to in-depth analyses. Importantly, HiCdat is focussed on the analysis of larger structural features...

    553 days ago

  • Orione – a web-based framework for NGS analysis in microbiology

    End-to-end NGS microbiology data analysis requires a diversity of tools covering bac...roducible workflows for NGS microbiology data analysis. Enabling microbiology researchers to conduct their own custom analysis and data manipulation without...

    1122 days ago

  • HOMER: Software for motif discovery and next-gen sequencing analysis

    ...w before diving head first into more advanced analysis tools such as HOMER. Setti...De novo transcript discovery and differential analysis with Cufflinks Differential...microarray or RNA-Seq) Microarray Basic analysis of Affymetrix Gene Expression...

    480 days ago

  • MBGD: Mircrobial Genome Database

    MBGD is a database for comparative analysis of completely sequenced microbial genomes, the number of whi...nts of view such as ortholog identification, paralog clustering, motif analysis and gene order comparison.


  • AccNET

    ...isms, AccNET create a bipartite network compatible with common network analysis platforms. AccNET collects phylogenetic and functional information in a network improving the analysis capability. Networks offer a...

    315 days ago