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  • #Nanopore #Application

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    1181 days ago

  • Synteny Portal: a web-based application portal for synteny block analysis

    Synteny Portal, a versatile web-based application portal for constructing, visualizing and browsing synteny blocks. With Synteny Portal, users can easily (i) construct synteny blocks among multiple species by using prebuilt alignments in the UCSC genome browser database, (ii) visualize and downlo...

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    206 days ago

  • How to create Python standalone application?

    I found it hard to make a standalone application using Python. Can you pleqse suggest me a easy zay out?

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    196 days ago

  • GView: A Java application for viewing and examining prokaryotic genomes in a circular or linear context

    GView is a Java application for viewing and examining prokaryotic genomes in a circular or linear context. It accepts standard sequence file formats and an optional style specification file to generate customizable, publication quality genome maps in bitmap and scalable vector graphics formats. G...

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    155 days ago

  • SCFBio have developed Sanjeevini

    SCFBio have developed a new android based application for drug design called Sanjeevini ( It is available free of charge. You can download it using Google play store. Just search for "Sanjeevini-SCFBIO-CADD" in...

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    29 days ago

  • Edit distance application in bioinformatics !

    There are other popular measures of edit distance, which are calculated using a different set of allowable edit operations. For instance, the Damerau–Levenshtein distance allows insertion, deletion, substitution, and the transposition of two adjacent characters; ...

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    9 days ago