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  • BOL

    Brief description: Currently, I'm pursuing a PhD at Bioinformatics Centre, University of Pune, Pune, India. I have developed an algorithm for alignment-free sequence analysis with its applications in molecular phylogeny, clustering and sero/genotyping .

    661 days ago

  • lanwin

    Brief description: Lecturer, Department of Bioinformatics and Computer Applications, St Aloysius College Mangalore

    661 days ago

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  • Stand-alone programs for Bioinformatician

    This directory contains applications for stand-alone use, built specifically for...machine. For help on the bigBed and bigWig applications see:' to see the usage statement for each of the applications.

    641 days ago

  • EMBOSS Apps

    The programs are listed in alphabetical order, Look at the individual applications or go to the GROUPS page to search by category. EMBASSY applications are described in separate documentation for each package. Applications in the current release

    575 days ago

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  • Bioinformatics definitions and applications !!!

    There have been long discussion amongst several specialized/expert educator regarding bioinformatics arena, but everyone explain bioinformatics with their own view. I tried to explain it with a cartoon. Hope you all will like it.

    1623 days ago


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  • Introduction to Clustering Algorithms and Applications #Clustering #Algorithms #Bioinformatics #Applications

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  • Metagenomics: tools, comparisons and many applications

    1410 days ago

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