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  • Sequential number arrays @arrayVal = (1 .. 10); #Perl #Array #Sequential

    Tags: Perl, Array, Sequential

    1247 days ago

  • Perl way to check if an array contains values

    Perl is always is known for their flexibility (There is more than one way to do it). Followings are the quick way to check if a value exist in an array. do_something if 'flour' ~~ @ingredients   # ~~ operand.   BEWARE: it is broken.do_something if grep {$_ eq 'flour'} @ingredients ...

    Tags: Perl, Tricks, Array, Find, Check

    346 days ago

  • Store all files in a array using perl: my @filesbwa = <$base_name/reads/$base_name.$library.bwa.*fa> #Store #Keep #Array #Perl

    Tags: Store, Keep, Array, Perl

    74 days ago