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  • TGNet

    Recent technological progress has greatly facilitated de novo genome sequencing. However, de novo assemblies consist in many pieces of contiguous sequence (contigs) arranged in thousands of scaffolds instead of small numbers of chromosomes. Confirming and improving the quality...

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    398 days ago

  • e-RGA: enhanced Reference Guided Assembly of Complex Genomes

    Next Generation Sequencing has totally changed genomics: we are able to produce huge amounts of data at an incredibly low cost compared to Sanger sequencing. Despite this, some old problems have become even more difficult, de novo assembly being on top of this list. Despite efforts to design tool...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Analysis, NGS, e-RGA, Genome, Assemble

    281 days ago

  • MIRA paper

    Motivation: This article presents a method for as­ sembling shotgun sequences which primarily uses high confidence regions whilst taking advantage of additional available information such as low con­ fidence regions, quality values or repetitive region tags. Conflict situations are r...

    Tags: MIRA, paper, NGS, Reads, Assemble

    13 days ago