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  • flo

    ...s of transferring annotations from one genome assembly to another. Usually lift over...done because there is a new, improved genome assembly for the species and good qual...assembly. The idea is simple: align the new assembly with the old one (e.g., with...

    746 days ago

  • REAPR: a universal tool for genome assembly evaluation

    ...aluates the accuracy of a genome assembly using mapped paired end reads...t can be used in any stage of an assembly pipeline to automatically bre...olds and flag other errors in an assembly for manual inspection. It rep...order to score each base of the assembly.

    690 days ago

  • e-RGA: enhanced Reference Guided Assembly of Complex Genomes

    ...spite this, some old problems have become even more difficult, de novo assembly being on top of this list. De...In this paper, we propose a novel method that aims to improve de novo assembly in the presence of a closely...

    433 days ago

  • RGFA: powerful and convenient handling of assembly graphs

    ...A typical application of RGFA is the editing of a graph, to finish the assembly of a sequence, using informat...not available to the assembler. We illustrate a use case, in which the assembly of a repetitive metagenomic f...

    31 days ago

  • MOSS: A System for Detecting Software Similarity

    ...Python, Visual Basic, Javascript, FORTRAN, ML, Haskell, Lisp, Scheme, Pascal, Modula2, Ada, Perl, TCL, Matlab, VHDL, Verilog, Spice, MIPS assembly, a8086 assembly, a8086 assembly, MIPS assembl...

    78 days ago

  • Sequence assembly with MIRA 4

    ...into contiguous sequences (called contigs). One can use the sequences of different sequencing technologies either in a single assembly run (a true hybrid assembly) or by mapping one type of da...

    690 days ago

  • GAGE : Genome Assembly Gold-standard Evaluation

    ...luation of the very latest large-scale genome assembly algorithms. We have organized...t to produce a realistic assessment of genome assembly software in a rapidly changin...critical evaluation of genome assemblies and assembly algorithms. http://genome.cs...

    536 days ago

  • CISA: Contig Integrator for Sequence Assembly

    ...assemblers have been proposed for the de novo assembly of genomes, however, no individual assembler guarantees the optimal assembly for diverse species. Optimizi...rformed in order to generate the most optimal assembly. However, few efforts have be...

    437 days ago

  • Metagenomics assembly workshop !!

    Welcome to the one-day metagenomics assembly workshop. This tutorial will guid...e you through the typical steps of metagenome assembly and binning. The Tutorial Data Set FastQC Quality Control Assembly Velvet Assembly MEGAHIT A...

    313 days ago

  • Genome Assembly Tutorial

    ...long repetitive regions, and they are hard to assemble using overlap-consensus-layout approach. De Bruijn graph-based assembly approach was originally proposed to handle the assembly of repetitive regions better....

    432 days ago