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  • Download assemblies from NCBI

    ...“Download assemblies” button is now available in the Assembly database. This makes it...without having to write scripts. For example, you can run a search in Assembly and use check boxes (see left...

    286 days ago

  • Ensembl 27

    ...ce, Aedes aegypti, and Ixodes scapularis Whole genome alignments for O. longistaminata and T. cacao Non-coding RNA gene models in Bacteria New assembly of tomato (version 2.50) Ful...

    985 days ago

  • Scalpel

    ...ers, Scalpel works by performing de novo assembly of regions of interest, so th...alpel's innovation is to repeatedly check its assembly before comparing to the refer...s are eliminated. This ensures that the final assembly of the exon is highly accurat...

    1285 days ago