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  • Comparison of Short Read De Novo Alignment Algorithms

    Excellent article to introduce different sequencing methods along with tools for de novo assembly of sequencing reads and their relevant references. Title: Comparison of Short Read De Novo Alignment Algorithms  Author: Nikhil Gopal

    Tags: Sequencing, assembly, de novo assembly, velvet

    1491 days ago

  • Genome Assembly & Analysis Tool Box (GATB)!! #genome #assembly

    Tags: genome, assembly

    1075 days ago

  • De #Bruijn #Graph #assembly

    Tags: Bruijn, Graph, assembly

    447 days ago

  • #Contiguous and #accurate de novo #assembly of #metazoan genomes with modest long read coverage

    Tags: Contiguous, accurate, assembly, metazoan

    205 days ago

  • Understanding #Overlap Layout #Consensus #assembly #OLC #Assembly

    Tags: Overlap, Consensus, assembly, OLC, Assembly

    200 days ago

  • Steps for #Prokaryotic #genome #assembly and #annotation

    Tags: Prokaryotic, genome, assembly, annotation

    199 days ago

  • Genome assembly tutorial #assembly #Tutorial #MIRA #IonTorrent

    Tags: assembly, Tutorial, MIRA, IonTorrent

    173 days ago

  • All about #newbler #assembly #NGS

    Tags: newbler, assembly, NGS

    112 days ago

  • Omega2: metagenome assembly pipeline

    Omega found overlaps between reads using a prefix/suffix hash table. The overlap graph of reads was simplified by removing transitive edges and trimming short branches. Unitigs were generated based on minimum cost flow analysis of the overlap graph and then merged to contigs and scaffolds using m...

    Tags: Omega2, metagenome, assembly, pipeline

    73 days ago

  • Samtools fields explained !

    From the SAM format specification, the fields are: Column Field Type Regexp/Range Brief description 1 QNAME String [!-?A-~]{1,255} Query template NAME 2 FLAG Int [0,216-1] bitwise FLAG 3 RNAME String \*|[!-()+-<>-~][!-~]* Reference sequence NAME 4...

    Tags: samtools, flags, fields, NGS, assembly, reads

    30 days ago