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  • Mom Knows Best

    We always get instructions to wash our hands, sterilize kitchen stuff and bla bla. However, recent findings suggest something else. Perhaps we can't survive, or will face lots of problems if bacteria’s colonies are absent in mother womb. Please find the detail sources of microbial transmiss...

    Tags: PLOS, Bacteria, Microbial transmission, Lisa J. Funkhouser

    1646 days ago

  • Zombies like bacteria!!!

    Do you believe in Zombies stories … Hmm confused? Don’t worry there is a news for you. Scientists from the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program have announced the findings  of the long-lived bacteria, reproducing only once every 10,000 years, which have been found in rocks 2.5km (1...

    Tags: microbes, bacteria, ocean, sediments, viruses, rock, extremophilic microbes, sequencing, metagenomics

    1633 days ago