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  • National Center for Bioinformatics (NCB)

    NCB is offering M.Phil and Ph.D programs in the area of Bioinformatics. The major goal of NCB is to promote quality training and research in the area of Bioinformatics. Bioinformatics originated as...

    1039 days ago

  • BISR Jaipur

    The Bioinformatics Centre at BISR has created an in...sing facilities available at the Bioinformatics Centre extensively. The centr...ternet connection as well latest Bioinformatics software for sequence and str...nize workshops on thrust ares of Bioinformatics Research Training to stu...

    689 days ago

  • Roslin Bioinformatics Group

    Roslin Bioinformatics Group The Law group provides internal Inst...imal facility database applications), Zen Lu (bioinformatics support), Trevor Paterson (software development) More @

    1278 days ago

  • The Minerva Research Group for Bioinformatics

    The focus of the bioinformatics group is to use computational approaches to...primates. Job:

    1096 days ago

  • The Centre for Bioinformatics (MCB) Lab

    The Centre for Bioinformatics (MCB) is a diverse collection of professors,...and students, who share a common interest in Bioinformatics. Research Area We are i...cs. We are interested in the development of bioinformatics/biostatistical methodology in...

    1413 days ago

  • PIT Bioinformatics Group

    PIT Bioinformatics Group solves problems in bioinformatics and computational biology. Recent developed online tools: - Budapest Reference Connectome: View a parametrizable connectome (brain...

    711 days ago

  • RNA Bioinformatics and High Throughput Analysis Jena

    ...ication and Annotation of Non-coding RNAs Bioinformatic Analysis and System Biology of Viruses Coevolution of Proteins and RNAs Algorithmic Bioinformatics Phylogenetic Analysis htt...

    1295 days ago

  • The Centre for Bioinformatics, Biomarker Discovery and Information-Based Medicine (CIBM)

    The Centre for Bioinformatics, Biomarker Discovery and Information-Based Medicine (CIBM) is committed to shortening the process of obtaining novel discoveries to achieve distincti...

    1413 days ago

  • Uni Computing Bergen Norway

    ...onal resources, methods, algorithms, and software. Following two bioinformatics groups are: The Computational Biology Unit (CBU) provides education and research in bioinformatics focused on functional genomic...

    1361 days ago

  • Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility

    The Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility has started working in the year 2007 at Presidency College, Kolkata. It is one of the premier institutes of India and boasts of a r...

    1350 days ago