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  • Jitendra Narayan

    About me: Within the broad domain of bioinformatics and computational biology, I mainly focus on chromosoma...questions pertaining to these domains. It is obvious in computational biology/ bioinformatics area to get d...Interests: Computational BiologyInterests: Evolutionary Biology


  • Jai Singh

    About me: I am a computational biologist and currently working on system biology.Brief description: Insilico Biology LoverSkills: Computational Biology

    1409 days ago

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  • Structural variants PPT

    1000 Genomes data tutorial at ASHG Structural variants presentation by Jan Korbel European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) Heidelberg Genome Biology Research Unit Reference:

    289 days ago

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  • Introduction to Bioinformatics

    ...esources Computational Molecular Biology Course Course on Bioinformat...ents Principles of Computational Biology, Steven Salzberg. Principles...cs: Computer Methods in Molecular Biology" Sequence analysis course (J...computing Glossary Computational Biology Course, Martin Tompa Course...

    1413 days ago

  • Virtual Bioinformatics Online Tutorial

    ...stitute of Science Genome and Bioinformatics Algorithms for Molecular Biology - Bioinformatics Division- Virtual biocomputing course Algorithms for Computational Biology (Advanced Topics #6, 236606)&...

    1413 days ago

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  • Biology animation #Animation #Biology

    951 days ago

  • A New Online Computational Biology Curriculum #Computational #Biology #Curriculum

    1106 days ago

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  • Landry Lab

    EVOLUTIONARY AND INTEGRATIVE CELL BIOLOGY Our research is at the crossroad between cell biology, ecological genomics, systems biology, molecular evolution and population genetics. We study the architecture and...

    1071 days ago

  • Pandey Lab

    The Pandey Lab at Johns Hopkins University is a Systems Biology lab that combines molecular biology, analytical chemistry and computational biology with various "Omics" technologies including genomics...

    1372 days ago

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  • Golden Rules of Bioinformatics

    ...coat. [because see 1] Thanks god Google know python is not a python and multiplication and division are the same thing. Don' be clever, complex biology will trick you....

    1408 days ago

  • BioGeek Fun

    1. A futuristic computational biology student was told to write "It is in my gene!!!" on the board 100 times as a punishment. here's his response -use warnings;for ($count=1; $count &...

    1193 days ago

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  • Biostatistics


    ...atistics is the application of statistics to a wide range of topics in biology. The science of biostatistics...statistically inclined geneticists helped bring together evolutionary biology andgenetics into a consistent...

    22 days ago

  • Molecular Modelling and Drug Design

    Molecular Modelling and Drug Design

    This group is desing to inform, update and discuss the old or new bioinformatics/computational biology software.

    1365 days ago

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  • Online Courses for biology beginners

    Most of the time we face some biological problems while analysing our data computationally. This bookmark is being created to provide list of all free online courses at one place. If you know any other good online cource resources to learn biology please let me know.  

    Tags: Online, Biology, Biology Training, Online Courses, Free Courses

    1436 days ago

  • Look up a biological numbers

    Did you ever need to look up a number like the volume of a cell or the cellular concentration of ATP, only to find yourself spending much more time than you wanted on the Internet or flipping through textbooks - all without much success? Well, it didn’t happen only to you. It is o...

    Tags: BioNumbers, Look, Biology, Molecular Biology, Database, Find, Bioinformatics

    1400 days ago

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