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  • Chickenosaurus on the way !!

    Hmmm ..  Now they know the facts, be careful they might come back as Chickenosaurus. :)

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    1513 days ago

  • The dynamics of chromosome evolution in birds and mammals #Chromosome #Evolution #Birds #Mammals

    Tags: Chromosome, Evolution, Birds, Mammals

    1116 days ago

  • Radka Reifová Lab

    We are generally interested in the mechanisms of species origin from a molecular and ecological perspective. Particularly, we are interested in the role of sex chromosomes in speciation. Most of our research is done on birds and mammals. Currently, we focus our research on two hybridizing song bi...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Radka Reifová, adaptation, recombination, population, selection, Birds, Sex

    701 days ago