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  • BINC exam preparation tips !!

    ...r or lecturer can explain something to you, you can learn it from a text book, your friends can study with...self on timely basis. Don’t feel obliged to just sit in front of a book with a highlighter; there are...

    552 days ago

  • Bioinformatics PhDs - Cover Letter

    ...ecessary evil. Ergo, why interview someone who will either look down their nose at us, and/or desert us for greener pastures as soon as their third book has been published and Yale c...

    1068 days ago



  • R Graphical Cookbook by Winston Chang

    R Graphical Cookbook by Winston Chang A very nice book by Winston Chang for R ethusias...d to produce the Figures in the book. There will be differences co...chunks shown in the text of the book, but in most cases the differ...N to get the code to run. More books at http://www.e-reading...

    441 days ago

  • Statistics Using R with Biological Examples

    This book is a manifestation of my desire to teach researchers in biology a bit more about statistics than an ordinary introductory course covers and to introduce the ut...

    232 days ago


  • Ruby Language

    ...ttp:// For Ruby Beginners Ruby Programming Ruby CookBook

    1649 days ago

  • Awesome perl frameworks, libraries and software - PART 2

    ...all Perl httpd jmlynesjr/wxPerl-wxBook-Examples - wxPerl exampl...ogramming with wxWidgets" - "The wxBook" jmcnamara/spreadsheet-parse...g of data structures Getty/p5-facebook - Facebook SDL in tests in Perl borisdaeppen/EBook--MOBI - Ebook in MOBI fo...

    196 days ago

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  • Recommend/Worth to buy this book for starters in bioinformatics #Bioinfo #CompBio #Methods #Algo

    1169 days ago

  • Applied Statistics for Bioinformatics using R #R #Book #Tutorial

    1066 days ago

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  • Upcoming R Webinar

    This webinar will describe an R based approach to considerably speed GWAS computation time on a notebook book computer. More

    1591 days ago

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  • PLOS Computational Biology: Translational Bioinformatics educational resources

    PLOS present collection of Education articles:  “Translational Bioinformatics”. This collection is presented as an online “book” which could serve as a reference tool for a graduate level introductory course, marking a step in an exciting new direction for the Educati...

    Tags: PLOS, Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Genomics, Book, Translational Bioinformatics, Course

    1617 days ago

  • The best bioinformatics chapter for beginners #Bioinformatics #Book #Tools #Basics

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Book, Tools, Basics

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